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 "The Goddess Experience is a wonderful gathering ... a gathering of women all committed to living a life of purpose and wellness. I was delighted and inspired, and I can't wait for the next one!"


T. Love


" The colors, the feelings, the tears, the playful and prayerful awakenings birthed in the communal circle of support and creativity allow each participant to relax, regroup and restore themselves.... I have been forever changed, by this Goddess Experience and I am truly grateful." - C. Courtlandt


The Goddess Experience  is "priceless".........I Feel "EMPOWERED" for the First Time in My Life!!!!....THE GODDESS EXPERIENCE IS A "HEAVEN SENT"!!!!...THIS IS FAMILY....THIS IS WHAT UNCONDITIONAL DIVINE LOVE FEELS LIKE"- J. Crossland


"The Goddess Experience is a powerful foundation where women share their journey of continued growth through artistic creations that provide physical and emotional healing. Growth and healing can often be a solo avenue to take but The Goddess Experience is a reminder that it doesn't have to be"!

M. Frantz


"Being amongst likeminded women allowed me to express myself and to be HEARD.  The yoga is calming and beautiful, it allowed me to be grounded and centered.  I felt a tremendous amount of peace.  The Goddess Experience has been one of the most enlightening experiences on my journey to create a better life for myself. "

O. Patton




The Goddess Experience was originated in 2014 that started as a sister circle to promote healing and support between friends. From this intimate exchange amongst friends the Goddess Experience was birthed!


The Goddess Experience became an interactive event to awaken the feminine divintity.  Each event incorporates yoga and meditation to assist in connecting the mind, body, and spirit.  Participants engage in various art projects to ignite their creative forces as well as using as a therapeutic tool to release emotions or communication self-expression. Various presenters and facilitators lead explorative workshops and dialouges on topics such as health/wellness, sensuality & sexuality, spirituality, PLUS MORE!



Artwork by Catherine Courtlandt

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